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After 1400 AD

The purpose of this website is to document as many of the Irish Ua Ceallaigh members as possible and to encourage others to contact me and add their family lines.   There are many errors and that is expected because I am attempting to document an Irish line that goes back about 1700 years before my birth beginning with Colla-da-Chrioch the first king of Orgial as from him it was said came many different lines of O'Kelly. 

 My research has caused me to believe the Ui Maine was very large, maybe 1/4 of the Irish land mass, their lands began at Dundalk in the east along the Irish Sea and extended all the way to the sea in the west at Galway Bay and it included many related and non related sub septs and the O'Kelleys were the traditional Chiefs and with the English invasion they were reduced to what I will call "of Connaught" which is primarily Co Roscommon and Galway and the greater history has been lost.  Other researchers have also come to my conclusion and I think the belief that the Septs in Meath were of the Southern O'Neill has put researchers off this possibility.  My DNA and research indicate that 141st Irish Monarch Aed of Slaine was more likely a descendent of Maine Mor and his descendents occupied most of the Providence of Meath thus they were Ui Maine.  I hope my website will cause researchers to reexamine clues and rethink their data in larger terms.  No one should accept this website as definitive but maybe with your help in time we may be able to present the most accurate information possible and preserve it for future generations. 

Feel free to email me and point out any errors that need to be corrected.  

Lines of the Connaught
Ui Maine O'Kellys
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Line of the Meath
Ui Maine O'Kelley of Bregia 
Most of this website is about the more recent and greatly reduced O'Kellys of Hy-Many but my goal is to connect all related lines of O'Kelly and document the forgotten lines that come to us from the writings of Dr John O'Hart and Dr John O'Donovan. There can be little doubt that the O'Kellys in the Barony of ClannKelly Co Fermanagh, in Co Lois, and the O'Kellys of Breagh were greately reduced resulting in the loss of the knowledge of the existence of many native Irish O'Kelly families. 
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Much of what appears on this website is taken from Dr. O'Donovan's 1843 book, "The Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many, Commonly Called O'Kelly's Country".  We are fortunate to have this treasure as it documents many of the lines of the Ui Maine families.  One will not find any double "e" Kelleys in his book and I am certain the reason is because Dr. O'Donovan is using his training which at that time told him the correct English translation of our name was O'Kelly.  I think all knowledgeable researchers will agree that the first to use the surname used Gaelic Ua Ceallaigh and not English O'Kelly but those who had cause to use an English translated name before 1500 would not have used O'Kelly as it is a more modern translation, so in creating my site I am attempting to use the name as it would have been spelled at the time the ancestor lived.  We know from Charles Bridger's 1867 book, "An Index to Printed Pedigrees" that the O'Kelley's of Screen, Gallagh, and Barrettstown were double "e" Kelleys so this site attempts to reflect such. 


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